Friday, July 3, 2009

Prerogative Powers


Prerogative Powers- also know as Prerog defined as a privilege or right that allows a particular person or group to give orders or make decisions or judgments.

We use to hears that Prerog always refered to the power or right of a monarch or government to do something or be exempt from something - Its Royal Prerog!!

It is actually the powers of the monarch, excercises by the government. For eg: granting a passport to citizens. Government (on behalf of the monarch) holds the power to either allows citizens to going out of the country or not. Therefore, the government also holds the power of withdrawing it, because its belong to them.

In different perspective, we may not aware of another Prerog- held by ALLAH. ONLY HE granted what he wanted to, and ONLY HE can decide to pull it back from us.

There's a story:

Husband and wife. They've got a son. Ofcourse, the one they loved is only him. One evening, the son passed away while the husband was at work. The husband didnt know about it, not even mentioned by the wife. Only at night, before both of them got sleep then the wife said.

"Hubby, if someone lend you something and then he ask it back would you return it?"

Husband:"Yes, sure"

"Thats what was happened to us. Our son that had been granted by HIM, HE took it back", the wife replied.

All things had came to us, gone from us, its not ours. We shouldnot complaining and fingerpointing at whosoever. Because IT IS NOT OURS!!

Therefore, when God award us with happiness and then he took it back it is He Prerog.

A Syukur will make us feel better, thats He had granted something wonderfull so as His creature can understand the meaning of happiness.

Syukur as He wake up us, so we are not careless with the happiness. Then He take a part of it, of all of it. Why???

LOOK!! He still remember, still care, still want us to be on the right track. But we keep complaining about what had He done.

What if He let the 'happiness' going on? Let us gone astray? As what He did to Firaun??

Firaun never been tested. Was that the life we wanted Him to 'award' us with?

Malays always have the habbit, when a child plays around the house and falls then the mom will said "haa.. main lah lagi!! pergi main.."

Was that call 'Fed up'?

Imagine, when Allah says those words to us. Allah fed up and we are no more a part of his attention. Will it granted a happiness, here and hereafter?

Remember, when something bad happens it means Allah sent a signal so we remember HIM. As HE IS ALWAYS REMEMBER US...(may be we went bit far, and He call us back to the right path)

How many times have He sent it in our life? Would you remember? Its too much, as we may not realise. And we kept repeating the same one, the HE with no regrets sent again the same signal.

Will we keep repeating the same again? Will He fed up with it? Wallahualam...


kita adalah hambayang dihidupkan buat sementara
kita adalah insan yang hakikatnya adalah hamba

tapi mengapa sering kita tangguhkan perintah waktu untuk menyembahnya
tapi mengapa kita selalu leka dengan kewajipan sebagai hamba

sedang tuhan tidak pernah lupa untuk mencurahkan segala nikmatnya
bahkan tuhan maha pengampun diatasa segala doasa yang dilakukan

bagi mereka yang insaf dan mahu bertaubat

bangunlah di tengah malam
untuk bermunajat merintih kepadanya
pohonlah kasih sayangnya
agar selamat dunia dan akhirat

bagi mereka yang insaf dan mahu bertaubat

p/s: Pasang surut jatuh bangun adalah kehidupan. Hidup yang senang tanpa jatuh dan kegagalan adalah kematian.

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