Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bila Cutiku dah mula

1) The Legend Resort Cherating memang best. Macam2 ada kat dalam tu. Laut pun best banyak obor2

2) Masa rehat dah tamat. Banyak benda kena buat. hmmm

3) Dah ada program utk sepanjang mnggu depan, bemula esok. Isnin InsyaAllah ke Terengganu utk Program GERTAK bersama Tun Dr Mahathir dan memenuhi undangan Ahmad Humaizi, kedua2nya mewakili rombongan Kelab Chedet..

4)dan yang paling rumit.. Jumaat depan.. Genting atau KL..?hahahaha yeahhh its true.. Fate does not decide everything, people got to choose..

5)Before Cherating was a really hard time i had been through.. A posting on that will appear soon.. masih penat..


Monday, May 24, 2010

boarding school, what’s so prestigous...?

i always felt that a boarding school will drastically change the personality of a person.. of course, experience change pupil's life and being a boarding school student is only a dream which has never come true in my life.. it was, merely.. a dream.. (though it was never really a bad thing, especially as i took up the position as the Student Head in the year 2005).. thus, this post, is dedicated implicitly for Syazwani Hamdan, my best friend’s sister..

i worked hard in my PMR, i think it was the last time that i ever studied so hard to achieve something in my education.. went to Pusat Tuisyen Saujana Gemilang (PTSG), utilised all the stuff given, referred teachers when things went wrong.. and yeah you earn what you pay.. though i didnt expect that, but 6As was very well complimented by dad,mom, teachers and others.. yeah when you got something was never enough for u, right?

so true.. Boarding School? mimpi lah.. MRSM? really wanted to.. but it wasn't meant for me.. 6As and they will consider the students from kampung2 but not from my place.. very developed (infrastructure but not the mentality) KAMPUNG Melayu Ampang.. plus, what was the B? ha ha ha.. English? and Maths!! (never got A for maths.. UPSR PMR SPM all are Bs).. at that time MARA has considered 6As candidates but not those who got Science and Maths other than A.. so? cant be angry, blaming people around you.. you earn what you pay..

there was also a type of school - technique and vocasional school.. which some categorised them as school of bad students ,or non-future school.. a lot of discipline matters bla bla bla.. well.. at least they learnt to be independent instead of staying at home with mom and dad.. it was a precious experience, i would say, to be in that school.. many of my friends were there and now can live by themselves just fine..

me? i applied to Muzaffar Syah- Mozac ^_^ dengan rasa tak malunya.. kah kah kah because one of my best friend was there.. yeah my dad, a politician and if you think that politician can get what ever they wanted then you are wrong.. my dad cannot even help me of getting to that school.. MARA?yeah tried but.. as i said.. politician do not get all they want.. or yeah may be my dad is not a 'very good politician' just to put me to one of hudreds boarding schools in this country..

haaa ni dia.. Teknik n Vokay.. why didnt go there? thats how my dad looked at it and i'm not sure if he still look it that way.. may be not - because he had put Arit Aziz into a new, nice School.. Teknik Sepang.. he went there, then followed by severe crying and begging my dad to take him back home. and he then also became the student head.

so.. i was stuck at the horrible Green School.. my best friend Ikhwan Hamdan went to SBPI Rawang and the other one Nadia was in Mozac.. because of my batch was the one who broke the PMR record-(and still holds it) 15 students achieved to score 8As, you wouldnt dare to imagine how many had moved out from our class.. 3 Amanah.. huh.. Ikhwan, Taufiq, Ahya, Nadia, Zulfadli, and others who didnt get full As like Acap (6A 2B) went to boarding schools and MRSM.. depression is all i had at that time.. 2 months acting like a chipsmore cookie in class.. some said i already moved out and was surprised when i came back after two months.. the class.. it was so.. QUIET!!! GOSH!! and all of us like..hurmm.. missed them a hell lot..

sometimes i will follow Uncle Hamdan going to SBPI Rawang and i even went there by myself (dengan motor scooter comel blue coloured) twice.. mengubat kekecewaan jugak lah..
me at home, deppressed, embaressed, still hoping to go to other school.. i wanted boarding school!! tak malu lah nak cakap.. menangis memanglahkan.. i even threw the astro remote control - the original one for a small dispute between my brother and me.. its all about it.. a boarding school.. how big the hope i have builded for, especially what have been told during tuisyen PTSG.. how good is to be a student of a boarding school.. well i didnt get a good result, neither bad.. was just making things worse.. had a choice but not enough requirement.. bye bye..

i think thats all for the very matured girl i ever met.. i rarely talk to her though had so many times eaten at her small dining table (la ni dah besaq dah.. haha).. this Mr Hamdan's family - its very nice to know them.. 'luckily' this is the last one, if Wani got another younger sister or brother (you wish?hahaha) then it would also be nice to know him/her...

so, Wani, good luck for your boarding school life.. your friends might give you bunga, cincin, tudung, card or what so ever but this is all i can make to say thanks.. Thank You, Arigato, Syukran,Terima Kasih.. me also, sorry if there are anythings i made you angry,irritating,annoying and so on.. your dream came true.. my dream had passed.. now carry by Aiman.. InsyaAllah..

Take Care.. Salam~

Monday, March 8, 2010

On the 9th-the 22nd with degree in waiting

1) Its a big wish of 22nd of Muhammad Afiq Aziz. Really.

2) All are wishing, through facebook's wall. (Some did it in advance-"becoming birthday") But the meaning of 22nd would may be understood and appreciated only by the person in the shoes.

3) Cant get any easy with this feeling. My 21st is waving away in few minutes. The year which i have learned a lot and i feel it still never wake me up from what I'm up to.

4) 22 y.o old with my undone intermediate. Its a hard course believe me.

5) Some said i have done too much of unnecessary things. Some said these 'unnecessary' was extremely great ever achievement, only few experience it. Tend to agree. Yeah.. was weird. Para-normal. So could i get a normal life where a 22 y.o budak should be having the second year (at least) in degree?

6) How could i just start appreciate education (in college or university per see) only after my great 21st/22nd? Without this (edu), should be a clear message of failure in life. Respect is no more regarded as an expectation. Words form my mouth? Would be easily thrown out. Who wanna hear?

7) No offense to those seeking my help. Just require some understanding if i'm not a really suitable nor great man that fix what ever position you are telling i am. And those who even do not seek for me, do not seek for me when you are really in trouble. I dont work that way.

7) It is, sweet sweet 22. Ha ah.. and also a hard hard hard one. Tough..

8) Would be nice to say sorry to all of you for my past 21. Genuinely Sorry. ANd thanx for all great-great wishes.

9) Btw, Also in the calendar (as i remember)

Teacher Aishah of SMKDAR
Kak Aida of Saujana Gemilang
Firdaus of Unisel
Faizul Akram of Budak Kg Melayu

10) Salam 22nd. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

it's revision......


1)I know i owe some of you my story in Langkawi, last CNY's holiday. I am, genuinely sorry i cant make it in time.

2) What would i say? It is already March. This first week (today) is my final Mock Exam for Intermediate. The real one is in May. Starts on 11th of May(what a great date!).

3) Yeah this two months, March and April will cut my self into two,three or may be ten. Either i get through or...i dont know..Only God knows what will happen if my real exam's result doesn't go with me. (This early i giving up?God defenitely will hate me, that's His promise)

4) 2weeks of each subjects. Starts with Common Law Reasoning and Institution, Elements of The Law of Contract, followed by Criminal Law and finally Public Law.

Two Workshops on Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am - 3.00 pm (Friday again?)

And guess what?
Hahaha two more classes, is on

Saturday (2pm-8.30pm)
Sunday (10am-5pm)

well, at least i still can go work out on Saturday morning and refresh myself at Fitness First (Steam and Sauna) on Sunday morning before going to class. huh? YES, it is. I will not be at home at weekend for two months!! '-_-

5) So, looking up for me in given time frame? Nah.. inadvisable. I wont be around. And don't ever think if of the weekdays.. haha.. This would be a tough time.

6)But it is worth. Like my friend (was) said. "Study takes a lot of my energy". I hope this words count on me. I wanna be like that. And one other friend advised "Do something you have passion in, if you dont and you yet still doing that it will be just a waste of time". Well, I have my faith, my heart in this course. I really hope my passion and eager will drive me passing this entire Course. InsyaAllah..

7) May Allah Bless me..

Thanx to all friend, forgive me for my mistake. Salam

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pada Siapa Juga?

Dengan NamaNya yang menyusun setiap yang terjadi,
Dengan kuasaNya Qada' dan Qadar percayai,
Prerogratif menyeluruh alam terbentang, luas..

Yang Kufur akan melawan,
Dan Yang Bersyukur Terus bertahan.. mengikat iman..

Kalau bila Cinta sesamamu insan tak lagi kesampaian,
Cinta kepada Rasul-Nya mungkin membuka pertimbangan,
Syafa'at-Nya akan menyelamatkan,
Atas Kasih dan Cinta yang kau beriman

Sedang di mana pula insani mampu,
Hanya juga si penurut,
Meminta berpada ilmu,
Akal ditakhta membias nafsu

Secantik mana imanmu, Akhlak mengikut tak terjemu,
Songsangan minda bayangan gurau, dunia..
Sementara dunia ada, berpaksi..
Selama terbuka cinta, diselami..
Kau menghargai..

-sekadar coretan-