Monday, March 8, 2010

On the 9th-the 22nd with degree in waiting

1) Its a big wish of 22nd of Muhammad Afiq Aziz. Really.

2) All are wishing, through facebook's wall. (Some did it in advance-"becoming birthday") But the meaning of 22nd would may be understood and appreciated only by the person in the shoes.

3) Cant get any easy with this feeling. My 21st is waving away in few minutes. The year which i have learned a lot and i feel it still never wake me up from what I'm up to.

4) 22 y.o old with my undone intermediate. Its a hard course believe me.

5) Some said i have done too much of unnecessary things. Some said these 'unnecessary' was extremely great ever achievement, only few experience it. Tend to agree. Yeah.. was weird. Para-normal. So could i get a normal life where a 22 y.o budak should be having the second year (at least) in degree?

6) How could i just start appreciate education (in college or university per see) only after my great 21st/22nd? Without this (edu), should be a clear message of failure in life. Respect is no more regarded as an expectation. Words form my mouth? Would be easily thrown out. Who wanna hear?

7) No offense to those seeking my help. Just require some understanding if i'm not a really suitable nor great man that fix what ever position you are telling i am. And those who even do not seek for me, do not seek for me when you are really in trouble. I dont work that way.

7) It is, sweet sweet 22. Ha ah.. and also a hard hard hard one. Tough..

8) Would be nice to say sorry to all of you for my past 21. Genuinely Sorry. ANd thanx for all great-great wishes.

9) Btw, Also in the calendar (as i remember)

Teacher Aishah of SMKDAR
Kak Aida of Saujana Gemilang
Firdaus of Unisel
Faizul Akram of Budak Kg Melayu

10) Salam 22nd. :)

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