Saturday, January 25, 2014


Futsal oh 

Futsal, this sport has been sticked to me since 10 years back. But in life we always make decision. Some decision give different level of seriousness to the the future implication. For me in 2014, no more Futsal. Gantung kasut. Absolute hijrah of hobby. Why?

Asics Futsal Capero

I bought this shoe 3 years back and last time i remember i used this was a year ago. It is like a soft landing of what i would call Futsal Retirement. Since that i was using this Asics Enduro 6 Gel, a jogging shoe. It helps to protect my knee and ankle though the above Capero which cost RM 250.00 was a very good Futsal Shoe. I planned to sell it for RM50. hmm....

Gel Enduro 6 (Jogging shoe)

This was my favourite jogging shoe. Cost only RM200 , it is worth to spend. It has been 4 years. Apart form jogs, it has experienced up and down Tabur Hill. I al so used it when i am in Fitness First last time. This one helped me a lot. 2013 year it became my Futsal shoe since i think i need a soft landing before the total retirement. This shoe, still with me. It costs infinite. Sentimental value has no price tag. ;)

But why? Leaving the sport that i love the most and lots of achievement gained down the years? Well, i will be 26 this year. Futsal really concerns my knee and ankle. A close cousin and a friend, they both had suffered from an injury called ACL. It caused them 8 months of treatment and this cousin still cant do running after nearly two years. Both, had that during futsal game.

ACL - An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament can be a debilitating musculoskeletal injury to the knee, seen most often in athletes. Non-contact tears and ruptures are the most common causes of ACL injury. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important ligament for proper movement. ACL injury more commonly causes knee instability that does injury to other knee ligaments.[1] Injuries of the ACL range from mild such as small tears to severe when the ligament is completely torn. (wikipedia)

SO what's next? Haha let's see..

Putrajaya Petzl Trail Night Run

It's Marathon! Yeah. But not only Marathon, Trail Run? Run in the jungle, Hill, Mountain? Not too ambitious but heading there i believe. I joined a climbing group named Chakcibor in 2010. I shoud have listed those mountains i climbed. Next posting InshaAllah. But after 3 years of conventional-style of climbing, it is now would be the time for a fast-track climbing. It burns calories better than futsal. And also reduce the probability of injury. I learned a lot on how to move fast in jungle and basic technique of survival skills , like Bear Grylls does :).

I have lost my confident in Futsal. My ankle injured since my first year of playing futsal. And another reason , i think Futsal can get me into a long term injury. Furthermore, you need a team to play Futsal, plus the opponent but only your own self to do jogs and at least two friend to do climbing. Risks? I think climbing has lesser risk than Futsal.  

Next post, i would like to recall all the mountains i climbed and exciting stuff waiting for me this coming Chinese New Year! Cant wait, nervous, and worry.. and i never know in my life i would have 8 sport shoes in one time. That sounds too much isnt it? I would 'recall' them too..till then,


From Tabur with Nature..

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