Saturday, June 13, 2015

Behind the shadow, there is love.

It has been a while since my last posting. How do I feel? Quite a waste. A lot to write, so much to express but it stuck in my mind, or between the mind and the heart. After  all, I am glad and grateful that I am writing again. Despite I know how hard to start. Since I work with a media agency now, I was always encouraged to write. Because I was told, when you write you will need to read. And by reading you will gain knowledge. Thanks for reading my story, though my English will be irritating.

Shall I start? Ok.

I shall start with this story. There is one lady who I love so much. But I know it is not only me who love her. There are a lot. Millions perhaps. I don't like because I have to share this love. No one like to share it duh?

But there is nothing i can do. She is married some more. This year is her 59th anniversary. She is, I believe love her husband so much and being a great wife to the husband for all those years. Being with the husband during his smiles and tears. She is the back bone, of YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the most beloved 4th Prime Minister of Malaysians.

Back in Dec 2012 (which also the year of screening of Teater Tun Siti Hasmah), I had this picture snapped. This is the picture will  always be in my memory. Although I might have other photos with her in future (heee).

Why is this picture so significant?

It's look like a normal picture isn't it? Nothing unusual? Let me tell you this. What I understand, protocol-wise you cannot stand behind her (because as VIP) that close. The ADC (aide-de-camp) will not allow this to happen. Usually.. I think. Because that is what I usually see how the body guard protect their protectee. Ironically, this photo if I am not mistaken, was taken by this beloved lady's ADC using my phone.

What is this picture all about?

My phone is a 2.0 MP phone-camera. So this is the best I could enhanced. This is at Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya. An evening when they just finished an event I cant recall. But this evening.... It was.. raining...

Tun Siti would like to seat outside for a while, meeting the guests before they leave the venue. And she was sat on that chair. And then, it rains. The chair was placed in the position where Tun Siti got some splash from the rain. And I decided to stand behind her. So that this lady will not get wet because of it. I just feeling wanted to cry whenever I remember this moments.

She, who has being loyal to the husband and sacrifices so much for my country, I had this one chance just to protect her from the rain. I shaded a great lady of a statesman' wife, so she will not get wet and fell sick. I am proud, grateful and thankful to Allah The Almighty for this chance. Could be once in a lifetime.

It is very a short moments, about 15-20 minutes but that was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. I never did that kind of things to any woman, nor any guys before. She was the first one. Under the rain. I don't know what drove me to do that. It just happened. Just stand behind some one and stays, just to protect her.

Btw, when Tun Siti about to leave the seat, she realised some one was standing behind her and she shocked. Then the body guard told her, "dia berdiri belakang Tun tak nak bagi Tun kena hujan". And Tun Siti said , " Oh ya? Terima kasih..". Very soft spoken with motherly face - I can feel the sincerity and the pure heart of her just by saying those two words. I was so touched. Really......touched.

How can she , as a wife to a statesman saying thank you for a very little things done by a nobody citizen? She had contributed a lot and still doing it and I just gave her some shade for 20 minutes and , do I deserve to be thanked?

Thank you Allah...

I am not keen to share this kind of story but what happened recently has recalled this memory. Thus, I share. So that, I can always remember how He, My Lord always works in mysterious ways, answering His slaves' voices. I am yet to find the answer but I will always keep having faith that I will not be misguided nor go astray as long as, He shades me with His love.

the sign

"I can run but I can't hide,
It's because..
I am living in the shadow of love"


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