Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Day of 28th December

(I should have posted it last night but doing it in English drag me till late at night, too much concern of grammar ha ha ha)

I started the day at 7.30. Really shocked because i missed the Subuh prayer. The phone was out of battery. How miserable will today be? -Its really in my mind everytime i missed that chance, the chance that not all muslims take.


It has been a long time since my last referee-ing. (I am a 3rd Class KLFA-Ref).Today was the futsal game. It should be 6 teams but luck is not always at your side. I could have refused to continue but

1) the need of some bucks to start the new year
2) the teams are geared up to kick off
3) It's the new ref jersey of Adidas (bought at Pasar Payang Terengganu) and new watch-B.U.M Eqpt (suggested by two girls nga nga ngaaa :p)

really couldnt make me start the engine and turn back.

With only 5 teams, i got to re-arrange the matches. Its a 10 round games and I have another thing caming up after this mini tournament. Afraid i couldnt make it.

I was so glad that i could handle the matches very well, though the sun directly strikes my eyes (face is my concern :D). The morning one should be the good shine perhaps.

I asked my players-ke_fu patriot to divide themselves into different teams. But this one team imported both of my players, Acap and Zharil. What made they so confident that these guys are gonna help their team to win? In the final they were beaten 1-2 in the penalty after a draw of 3-3.

Nothing much can i say, when the winning team take only one ke_fu player (the captain) and still could manage to defeat the favourite team. Responsibility and beliefs-what lead them to the gold. The Ke-fu player, Azlan believed it is his reponsibility to prove that he can play and to bring other non-favourite players to be on the podium! The other ke_fu players, also have faith in their members. No fear, nothing to lose, just play like they should play-simple game which theyve been practicing in trainings.

I don't take them play only to win, when the members do not perform very well they would be simply kicked out. The values of winning are when you are climbing up the stage with your true friends. Friends who always been with you all the time whenever you are down or you are in the middle of nowhere. The friend you have faith in.

Viva Palestina Appeal to The Egyption Embassy

A friend (again?which friend am i talking about?) texted me last night about these group of NGOs, collided as a solid identity- Viva Palestina Malaysia sending aids support to Palestinians.

(hahaha its not i dont wanna make any comments of this, but it will take too much in this posting to tell you about the chronology of this event. Therefore please do visit akmarr90.blogspot.com

She also delivered good points. :D )

Finished at 1.30 pm, i rode my bike and start wandering around with empty stomach.

The Mosque

After had a cendol pulut I - the favo dish, at Memanda and knowing Zuhur has arrived, I hit to The Masjid Darul Ehsan right after my 'breakfast'. (Or also known as TAMAN TAR Mosque- The witness of my 10kg's Calories Burnt! Kakaka)

Alhamdulillah, i performed my part. Its now for Him to decide if He wanna accept my prayer. Totally His right. Then I heard some noises, arguments which i couldnt hear very clear. I saw four men arguing about Syiah,Saidina Ali, and Muawiyyah. They were REALLY INTO that discussion. About the facts, and I heard that "yesterday, the ustaz said this is the history. So we should bla bla bla". Then one of them left. Maybe had no more interest in the topic. Haha...and three of them? Were continuing.

I walked to my "big" bike. (?) Thinking and smiling, if I could join them. If I would be in that circle. Arguing about The Sirah and Sunnah. Not politics, money, malaysian artists, gossipping. Hmmm.. I was, and slowly pulled out. Sometimes i do. Meet Ustaz Faizal (my former teacher in SR Agama) and talks about religious. Haha even though he usually meet me with political concerns. How could i separate from that image? The image of "afiq-umnos". And some friday nights, i'm having discussion with KCD's members. Religious input also would be part of the discussion.

After Asar

Reached home at 2.30, tried to avoid falling asleep. Hahaha sleep in the afternoon would affect my memory. So read something online and my untie called, asking if i could fetch her at 5.30pm. I was so tired but couldnt let her come back on her own by cab, fetching 3years old intanfrom her sis's house. Too much of an after-office-hour for a mother. And i decided no futsal this evening. She was happy. Intan was happy and was so noisy in the car. Hahaha.. "Along gemuk..Along Gemuk"

There's an opinion, or may be a sunnah which i'm not really sure. What are the relevance of haram performing most Solat Sunat after Asar? Only few are allowed. Some friend said it is time for us to go out and have some refreshment, preferably walks with family. Is it true? Tun Dr Mahathir does it. One of his officer said all of them have no rest after Asar. Either he mentioned or not about his plan for the day, they must be on standy mode to go out with him. Of course with his beloved wife. :)

So.. Soon after send Untie and Intan home, (haha their house is infront of mine) i went to the futsal court watching those guys playing. And my stomach couldnt take it, a cendol pulut was not enough for a day!! Haish.. Looked for my helmet, and went to Farzana ordered Mee Kung Fu.. I was surprised that Farzana changed its name. Its now "Al-Saj", an indian guy bought the restaurant. A lot of promotion. Beriyani Ayam etc- and for sure No Rice Thanks. :p

Luckily the kitchen maintained the same. All are mamak. But it is now part of my consideration to not have Teh Tarik KCD at Farzana anymore. It is just about the confidence. To eat in a non-muslim restaurant. duh?

Hmmm so my day went off with half of this posting written.

A friend (again?) is acting as my English teacher tonight, will be checking and correcting my errors in this posting. Hopefully the posting after this would change, to be the better of course.

~Ikhlas, afiQ

(-After correction-)

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