Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 in 2009 Calendar

I shouldve posted it earlier, at least before the tick tock at twelve of 1st of January 2010.

Here are, 10 things happenned to me in 2010.

10) A Level Result

The result of my A-Level, Examination of the year 2008. The first half of it was not bad. But in A2, i doubted my pass level. So scared. But this January, Mr Khor my Economics Lecturer said that I passed and can go through LLB. Alhamdulillah. Dont wanna repeat.

9) Strong Message.

I delivered a strong message to UMNO leaders ( esp: DS Najib Razak) due to his 'bow' to the group of people who against the Process of Learning and Teaching Maths and Science in English (PPSMI). Refer the transcript here:

The group wanted the govt to abolish this process ASAP!! Crazy! I said that in a Annual Essambly of UMNO Ampang. With some handout being distributed, I delivered my speech. Were they litsening? Yeah... Was the points taken to the higher level? Dont think so? Ironically, after that speech i have never called for a meeting. How funny was that. So should I say some nasty in the UMNO Essambly again? Though it was for my childs good? NO! Should I represent my members and attend the Essembly? NO! Should I criticise them? NO! Should I shut my big mouth up? YES!

Ha ha? Would I? Not attending the meeting / assembly can not stop me from saying what should it be. World is moving faster. Internet.... Using News Paper is out dated. Dare to Change!!

8) Shirt-off.

UMNO General Essambly. As soon as KJ's name intoduced as the new Youth Chief, I was in the PWTC put off my Corporate Shirt with the Putera UMNO Logo's on that shirt. I threw it into the nearest dustbin. Very Unlucky, couldnt see the others throwing shoes to KJ. I went back as soon the dustbin say thanks.

7) 10 Kg

Haha in Mei 2009 I started my diet. Took lesser rice, 3 times a week and do jogging every morning i hv no class. My 3weeks puasa was without rice. Now? I'm 70 Kg. Very happy and still work on it. Untill i achieved 65kg? InsyaAllah... :D

6) Jamuan Raya KCD

This was the time I really cant forget. KCD held a Jamuan Raya in Hotel Putra on the 27th Sept 2009. Tun Mahathir was coming with his beloved wife. I recite a seloka for Che Det in loghat Kedah, and apologize him if my accent is not good enough. After I done, Che Det called me and says "buleh pun cakap Kedah" with a smile.

I was incharged for the venue. Was so tired soing that. Not easy..... And I was glad, becoz All are happy :)

5) Akmar.

I made a new friend. A blogger. Not much can I say. May be later. In the year of 2010. Much more would be written about her. :D She, made me continue (a start?) my writing(blogging)... In English!! Thanx !

p/s and also do checking for my language hehehe

4) Comel's 4 A's

I was shocked when he told that he got 4As for his state trial. From there i kept more attention to him. But he only could provide the same result in the real exam. But its ok. At least a boy in Mr Aziz family would have a chance to go to a better school. Like his dad, the product of Sekolah Aminuddin Baki.

3) Dad's Operation

Dad has no more filter in his body. Refer to

I was really afraid if sth bad to be happened. I was not ready for that! Please God. Have Your pity on me.... :(

2) Raya in Kampung!!!

Hahaha after 7 years, finally dad agreed to have our Raya Puasa in Kampung. Best! Not only 1st Raya, but also the first Puasa. All Alang, Oteh, Mak ni went back.. All of them!! Both the first puasa and the first raya. What a Raya this year? Haha Alhamdulillah.

4 Days in Melaka, 3 days in Johor (Holiday and Visit Alang) and after that went back to KL.

In Melaka,

- Wake up at 5am, que up to the bath room.. ergg errgg
- make new friends
- learn about Maulud Nabi (Malam Raya)
- Tahlil Arwah for Atuk, Nenek, Moyang ( 1st Puasa)
- Takbir Raya in Chief Minister House
- Went to TS Muhyiddin Yassin Open House in Pagoh
- Pictures taken by Angah for all family. Its a big family.

Ayah, tahun depan Raya Melaka lagi kan? Qadha' 7 Tahun!! hahaha

1) Sarah.


So... these is my best calendar in 2009. How about u? A lot in 2009. Bye. I gonna miss u 2009. It left me with a great memory, so i can be a better person in the future. The best teacher is past experience. Thankyou Allah..

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