Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Makes Muhammad Afiq?


I was asked, what makes Muhammad Afiq? Since i am so negative-thinking, or u may say down to earth, i'm always wondering if people can easily get along with me.(what makes it so important as long as Allah loves me?). Some says about the skema of me, afraid of my angry-face (? haiyaa).

After my schoolship then i heard some rumors, about some girls, interested in me.(huh?) I then conclude that it may because of i was the Head Student. Yeah that post huh? The most popular post beside school's athletes. So its not me. The position does. To be the girl of a head student? Nothing to do with Muhammad Afiq.

This friend who i just knew about a month ago, delivered a different perspective of my thought. Asked:" Then, What Makes Muhammad Afiq? There must be some quality, inside you- what makes you a head student. Thats why you was there. Somebody found it. You may not realised."

The same goes with this story,

1) A cement mixer was asked what is he doing for living- answer "Cement Mixer"
2) A contractor setting up an aircond and claimed himself as an contractor
3) A man, setting up doors in a mosque. "When asked what do you do for living?"
He claimed "I bulid a mosque"

And it became so motivated to do simple things with a bigger picture in mind. Once you motivated(Keep you starts) you'll find the way of keeping its going - habits

So it is a good thing when we could get a different way of view to describe something, which would affects our conclusion.

So What makes Muhammad Afiq? Past Experiences I should say ;)

Thanks. Salam

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