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Futsal 2009 - i Did It My Way II -

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It seemed to be an expected outcome when both of my teams, had been setup for last two months preparing for this tournament claimed their success!

Under 15 Tournament organised by Dr.Ho Chee Kit- the manager of Blues FC. We have known each other for 4 years if I'm not mistaken.

30th December 2009
10 am
Sport Planet Ampang

These are the line up of both teams.

Ke_Fu Patriot A

1) Mansor (GK)
2) Azlan (c)
3) Asyraf
4) Hafiq
5) Azman
6) Zharil
7) Arip

It supposed to be eight of them, but this team played with one man down. They already used to it.

Ke_Fu Patriot B

1) Firdaus (GK) (c)
2) Hazwan
3) Syafiq
4) Wan Amin
5) Firdaus Maggy
6) Ijat
7) Abdul

Ke_Fu Patriot C

1) Haziq (GK)
2) Aiman
3) Comel
4) Ahmad (c)
5) Azal
6) Naza
7) Shah
8) Arif

I was assisted by Jiji Yunos, who also provide us some refreshment in the morning. Thanx.

Here are the chronology of the day. Enjoy them!!

1) 9 am. Waiting SP to be opened.

Still got time for some jokes? Kids..
Mee Hoon was provided by Jiji The River.

2) Both Teams Warming Up - 10am

3) And the first game, begun.

Ke_fu A, with orange shirt start the game first.

They won the first game 4-2 and the second game was goaless.

While Ke_fu B, in red lost the first game 1-8 and made a comeback to hit the opponent 3-0 in the second one.

Ke_Fu C, which is totally under my instruction won both of their game for group stage. Shah hitted the first goal in the second game while the captain, Ahmad stroke two goals to help the team came back from 2 goals down for the second game. In the second game, the opponent was Jerung FC B, the team which plays big tournaments and performed superbly. It was surprised that my boys could manage to do that.

The First Kick Off, Started

Arep with the shoot.

Some words, before they entered into the court.

Hazwan was over the moon with his effort! He scored a goal, with two assists. The team qualified for the second stage. Won 3-0.

3) In the knock-out stage, it was ver unlucky seing both Kefu B and C met in the same match. I decided to give up the match to both teams, now they decide what they gonna play, who's playing, what tactics. I was totally depart from my manager-ship!

I knew what the scoreline should be. Team C won as expected. They came for training, very rare excaping and absorbed all my words during the training. They knew what to do. 3-1.

4) Now, the game would be tougher. Quarter Final.

Ke_fu A vs Jerung B
Ke_fu B vs Jerung A

Both games played in the same court. After Ke_fu A finished, Ke_fu B is going to enter the court, playing with a favourite team, very well known in the Klang Valley.

Like before, nothing much i did for Ke_fu A. No instruction. They knew how to play. Though it was a very difficult tactics they are playing, they managed to win it. The 10 minutes ended with goaless. The penalty (spot kick) will decide. It should be but not yet. No saves by both goal keepers. And now is the sudden death. The referee toshed a coin, and if the side of the coin go for us, we will decide if we wanna take the kick or put or Goal Keeper(who saved none of the kick) into the goal post. I shouted. Choose for the kick!! Dont Play our GK. The coin? On our side. It supposed that any players could take the kick. But the ref made up his mind. The one player-which is Acap must take the kick.

Well, Acap had a very bad time of taking Spot Kick since he failed to hit the net for this kick in The Grand Final Milo- quarter final's game. Which if he did, RM2000 would be in their hands.

Now? All are nervous. Acap of course. As he refused to take the kick earlier, now he had to. And must strike it in. To end the curse. Ha ha ha....

And he scored! And you would wanted to imagine how happy he was. How relief the friends were.

Now the second game. On the shoulder of Team C players, they must beat Jerung FC A-the main team of Jerung FC. Btw, I put my faith on them. They had won 3rd place in Liga Sukan Komuniti DUN Bukit Antarabangsa, which was an open Tournament. Played with all men above their age. What was an under 15 Tournament for them? Huh?

But i didnt through those words to them. I didnt know. This time, I had my full faith to my brother-Comel.

"Ahmad and Arip play defence, Comel and Azal - Forward"

It was, a tough game. I believed! But Azal was performed, since the Liga Sukan Komuniti. Azal build a great combination with comel. Simple play, very confidence. Azal dribbled a player, and now only one player marked comel. This opponent tried to block Azal's shooting. Hah? Guess what? He was wrong, Azal passed the ball to Comel. Haha I'm not complementing my own brother but he is a very calm player. Once the ball received, he took some breath, look up to the GK. And a simple placing done it. Leading by a goal.

Who would believed? A goal and a goal and a goal and a goal. Its already FIVE!! That was really put the opponent in a high pressure. They couldnt take it. Their junior was defeated in penalty shoot-out and now their main team conceded five goals. 2 minutes left. They were keep trying. My players were too exciting, I really didnt like it. Haziq was shouting to the opponent as soon as the referee blew up the final wistle. And I knocked his head, warn him about his action.


The tireness still there but the organizer called for the semi final game. We must get prepared. Only five minutes break. I called the players to play just like they did in the quarter final. Same players brought in. Its my only mistake. Regardless their fitness, games they have been played, I should considered to bring in fresh legs into the court. They lost to RSP Bangsarian 1-4.

While the first team won above the Blues FC 1-0.

Both loser team in the Semi Final should play 3rd place. They did it again. Won 3rd place.

6) And the Final? Ke_fu Patriot A vs RSP Bangsar

They Drew without goal in the group stage. But in the final, no mercy! Acap again, a simple placing did turn the game into our side. 1-0

Actually, i did it the same way two years ago Adidas Friday Futsal Tournament under 17 2007. Sent three teams, two entered the semi's. Won 1 runner up and 2nd runner up. This was my 1st and 2nd batch of Ke_fu Patriot.

The Second Batch But the GK was from the first team.
Devide them so could have a balance team.

All of them.

Familiar with these faces?

.......They are now, Here.....

In Memories...


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